At Witham’s Coffee, we pride ourselves on the freshness and the quality of the coffee we sell. Our pursuit for quality begins with the green beans that we source. We only purchase the highest grade, and the latest crop, of Arabica coffee beans from each country of origin. Every single-origin coffee is roasted and sampled by our expert team of tasters before it makes it to our range.

Our coffee is batch-roasted in traditional drum roasters to bring out the unique flavour profile of each individual origin of coffee. Coffee beans  are only roasted-to-order. There is no pre-roasted coffee stored in our warehouse, so you can be guaranteed you are receiving the freshest coffee beans available when you buy from us. You will notice a “Packed On Date” stamped on our packaging so you know just when your coffee was roasted. For fresh roasted coffee beans near you, visit our website or call us.

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