The largest offering of single origins

We are proud to consistently carry one of the largest offerings of single origins in Sydney, from all the major coffee producing regions, including a selection of Fairtrade and Organic beans.

The journey begins with sourcing the best green coffee beans the world has to offer. Partnering with Australia’s finest specialty green bean importers, gives us entree to a wide range of premium origin and estate Arabica coffees.

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Different types of blends

Sampling, cupping and tasting

Selecting the precise origin, estate and grade of coffee is a wonderful sensory journey for us.

A coffee needs to tick all the boxes – aroma, acidity, body, flavour – to make it into a blend or as a single origin offering.

Lance’s apprenticeship trading green beans taught him the art of sample roasting, cupping and taste panels. He puts his decades of experience to work evaluating a coffee’s aroma and flavour profile. All this happens in our dedicated cupping room, where pride of place goes to Tony Witham’s beautiful Probat sample roaster. We still use the Probat to sample roast and cup new coffee offerings from around the globe.

Sourcing coffee beans

Every single origin coffee

Every single origin coffee is roasted and sampled before it makes it into our range.

It could be a Colombia Estate La Esperanza, chosen for its full body, delicate acidity and sweet caramel and malt finish; a Guatemala SHB Las Crucitas for its clean spice notes and nutty, golden syrup finish; or for some bright acidity, an Ethiopia Limu adding well balanced hints of black tea, roses and cocoa.