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Servicing and Repair

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Prosumer Coffee Machines

Our Prosumer Coffee Machines team specialise in the service and repair of high-end espresso machines and grinders.

Don’t let little things turn into big things. Regular maintenance of your coffee machine is important to keep it running smoothly and small problems and easy fixes can easily turn into big, costly repairs if not seen to early. We recommend regular servicing, every 12-18 months and if you notice anything unusual, get in touch to have it seen to straight away.


As part of the general service we replace worn o-rings, seals, shower screens, group seals and gaskets, strip down and recondition E61 grouphead if applicable, check machine settings and adjust if required, check for internal leaks, check for scale build up, check overall condition of machine and recommend any further maintenance that may be needed. Extra charges may apply if level of work required goes beyond a standard service.



Coffee Machines

Coffee Machines

Best home coffee machines

Do you demand café quality coffee at home?

Then you need a coffee machine that is up to the job. With so many makes and models on the market, this can be an overwhelming task.

We carry the best Prosumer coffee machines (and related accessories) on the market right now. These machines are commercially oriented and built to last – coffee machines for the serious coffee drinker at home. We will help explain all the various features so you can decide which machine is right for you.

See, touch and test

If you need to see, touch and test the coffee machines you can come into our Hornsby store and experience them for yourself. If you’re not local we are equally happy to talk you through our range over the phone.

Contact us today for more information.