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Making a cup of coffee

You can group coffee into four broad flavour profiles:

Floral, Bright Citrus, Berry

Brightness, or acidity, is a positive and pleasant flavour attribute in coffee. It provides liveliness on the palate, like biting into a crisp apple. Think flavours and aromas of jasmine, tea rose, red berry, currants, and light red wine. These single-origin coffees shine when prepared using the drip or syphon method.

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Chocolaty, Nutty, Caramel

These coffees have pleasant notes of cocoa and roasted nuts, such as hazelnuts and almonds; through to toffee praline and maple syrup flavours. Most of these coffees would suit espresso extraction.

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Bold, Spicy, Smoky

For those wanting a rich, deep flavour; with bold syrupy body these coffees have smoky, earthy, darker flavours. Think complex flavours of pepper spice, cinnamon, tobacco, and cedar. Well suited to plunger, syphon and drip brewing method.

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Sweet, Balanced, Soft

Each of these coffees is sweet, often with hints of caramel and brown sugar, with harmonious flavours and a soft, mellow acidity that make them a pleasure to drink. Think smooth Merlot wine. These coffees would suit most brewing methods, including espresso, plunger, drip and syphon.

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