Roasted to perfection, every time

You could say we are happily addicted to the art of coffee roasting. It’s most probably why we have been at it for the last two decades. Yes, that is how long we have been roasting. Long before coffee became ‘cool’.

You need an intimate understanding of coffee chemistry to transform the raw, green, flavourless beans, into the rich, golden crème on the surface of your espresso. Each origin is unique, with a distinct flavour profile defined by where it was grown, how it was processed and what altitude it was grown at.

Getting perfect results is all about being meticulous and consistent so you achieve the optimum roast level for each origin.

Witham’s Specialty Coffee Roastery is located in Hornsby, Sydney. We can source, roast, pack and ship anywhere in Australia.

Probat Drum Roaster

Our equipment

We roast all our beans using traditional drum roasters.
Our 12kg Probat is for smaller batch roasting of single origins. This means we can roast as little as 5kg and cater for smaller orders.

Our 60kg Toper allows us to produce volume, and is fitted with Australian instrumentation controls so we can program roast profiles for each individual batch. This allows us to explore the optimum roast level for each origin and ensures that we can consistently get a certain profile time after time.

Coffee equipment

Master blenders

Need an all-rounder or a syrupy, spicy after dinner blend?

Much like a winemaker developing a blend from a variety of grapes, we can tailor a flavour profile and develop a signature blend to suit your needs. Or choose from our range of award-winning blends.

Coffee testing

Roast to order

There is no pre-roasted coffee stored in our warehouse.

We only roast to order, so you always receive the freshest coffee available.

Freshly roasted is the only way to truly experience the subtle nuances of flavour and aroma of the quality coffees we source. It’s the only way to get the lively and voluminous crème – a sure sign the coffee still has all the precious flavour-filled oils.

For customers who prefer a more stable crème to work with we can accommodate delivery cycles to suit.

Coffee beans in drum

Contract roasting

And if you are interested in establishing your own coffee brand, our contract roasting service can source, roast, pack and ship anywhere from our HACCP accredited facility.