Connoisseur Club

A world of coffee, delivered to your door!

pouring coffee beans into grinder
Do you really love your coffee? Serious enough to call yourself a connoisseur?

Then you need to become a member of Witham’s Coffee Connoisseur Club, for the inside story on what’s happening in the specialty coffee industry.

Tantalise your tastebuds with the variety of aromas and nuances of character from the world’s best coffee growing regions. Each delivery will consist of a different origin of 100% Arabica beans. With each new coffee you will receive tasting notes and information on where the coffee comes from.

And all this without even leaving home 🙂


What you get

  • Process Icon - Packaging

    Premium high grade Arabica single origin coffee.

  • Process Icon - Calendar

    A different bag of coffee each month.

  • Tasting Notes

    Tasting notes on the two current single origin coffee offerings.

  • Newsletter

    Monthly newsletter with info on events, new products & specials.

  • Process Icon - Delivery

    Coffee delivered straight to your door.

  • Ethiopian Limu – Washed
  • Ehiopian Djimmah – Unwashed
  • Indian Elkhills Estate – Mysore Nuggets
  • Nicaraguan Superior Maragogype
  • Indonesian Sumatran Mandheling
  • Indian Monsoon Malabar
  • Brazilian Cerrado
  • Tanzanian
  • Kenyan AA Grade
  • Guatemalan Strictly Hard Bean