Colombian Decaf [SWP]


For those who love the taste of coffee without the caffeine, this is all you could want in a decaf. Swiss water-processed and 100% free of chemicals – 99.9% caffeine free.

Rich, strong and full-bodied with caramel sweetness.

Read what our customers say:

“As a dedicated coffee drinker, I feel fortunate to be able to enjoy the best coffee on the Gold Coast. Even though I only drink decaf now, the Colombian Swiss Water is so good, I hardly notice I’m not drinking the “real” thing.  The coffee beans that regularly arrive in the post have been roasted only days before, so I know my coffee is always fresh.  After more than ten years of drinking your coffee, I still enjoy the flavour and aroma of my morning coffee fix.”

Glad Howard,
Gold Coast


Grind Type

Aeropress, Whole Bean, Domestic Espresso, Plunger, Drip Filter, Stove-top Espresso, Turkish


250g, 500g, 1kg