Brazil Santos


Bean Strength =

Dry-processed coffee with sweet, caramel flavours. Smooth body & mellow acidity.

  • Unwashed, strictly soft with a semi-full bodied sweet cup.
  • Highly suitable in espresso blends due to its soft rounded cup.
  • Mild acidity & light body
  • Medium strength
  • Can be compared to a Merlot wine, for its velvety body and soft acidity.
  • Perfect for espresso

Read what our customers say:

“We use Witham’s Coffee for our church cafe each Sunday and people can’t get enough. We have recently switched to the Brazil Santos bean and it is amazingly popular. Our Baristas love using the beans and everyone else loves drinking the coffee. I’ve had great feedback from everyone – those who drink with milk and sugar and those who drink it straight. I’m really happy with Witham’s coffee and would recommend it to anyone looking for a sneaky latte on the way to work, through to those looking to supply their offices or homes.”

Alison Page,
Sovereign Grace Church, Sydney

Grind Type

Aeropress, Whole Bean, Domestic Espresso, Plunger, Drip Filter, Stove-top Espresso, Turkish


250g, 500g, 1kg

Bean Strength