GREEN: India Elk Hill Estate Peaberry (1KG)


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Elkhill Estate is located in the Coorg hills, 100 miles south of Mysore, and has been established for well over 100 years, since coffee was first planted there in 1854.

Elkhill Estate holds a UTZ Certification, an independent worldwide certification program that guarantees the coffee production adheres to strict environmental, social, and economic criteria. Working with UTZ ensures that Elkhill gets credit not only for their high quality beans, but also for providing their workers with fair wages and professional growing advice. Elkhill is a model farm, employing over 500 salaried workers who live on site and are entitled to housing and health care, there is even a crèche for children under 5.

The coffee grows under the natural shade provided by countless varieties of native trees including Giant Teak, Indian Rosewood and Cluster Figs. All manner of wildlife co-habit the estate, flourishing in the forest environment alongside the coffee, including a herd of native elephants that is often seen wandering the grounds.

Peaberries are a natural anomaly, they occur at a rate of only around 4% in all coffee crops, when just one little oval bean develops within the coffee cherry, rather than the normal two. They are hand sorted to be sold as a much smaller and very rare production. It is believed that Peaberries tend to be more concentrated in flavour.

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