When was the last time you had your coffee machine serviced?

Coffee Connoisseurs Club

It can be easy to forget about, we know. But maintaining a properly serviced (and cleaned) machine is essential for brewing that perfect cup of coffee, every time. And as more of us move to café quality machines at home, it’s so important to keep up with regular servicing.
Did you know we can service your machine for you? We have several servicing options available – you can drop your machine in at our convenient service centre in Hornsby, or we offer a pick-up and drop- off service for Sydney metro (just check with us to make sure it’s available in your area). And for large machines that can’t be transported, we perform in-house servicing.

Coffee Connoisseurs Club

Do you consider yourself a serious coffee lover?
At Witham’s Coffee, we’re definitely very fond of the old coffee bean. There’s nothing quite like that first cup of coffee to start your day. And what’s even better is not having to worry about your coffee supplies.

Running out of coffee is surely the coffee connoisseur’s worst nightmare.

Which is why the Coffee Connoisseurs Club has you covered. Join the club to get fresh-roasted Arabica beans delivered direct to your door each fortnight. Chosen from some of the world’s top coffee growing regions, you’ll always have delicious coffee to drink at home.

You can choose from two of our VIP memberships, to suit your level of coffee consumption. You’ll get tasting notes and information about each packet of coffee you receive; you can learn a little about your favourite beans.

Never run out of your beloved coffee again.

Want to expand your coffee horizons? We’re excited about this seriously great new coffee we have for you. Burundi Scert Kiyago is from, well, Burundi – a tiny little country in the east of Africa, near Tanzania. An Arabica coffee with deep, rich flavours. You’ll taste dark praline, spice and blackcurrants in this complex brew. If you’re a fan of the African coffee beans, you’ll be sure to adore this one. Grab a packet online today or come in store to pick up your bag.

Until next month, take care!