So fresh, the best coffee cup is a fresh brew

Coffee storage warehouse stacked to the rafters

Ever wondered why we make a big deal about our coffee being fresh?

Freshness is actually critical to a great cup of coffee. Only if coffee that has been transported and stored properly, and then roasted to perfection will you get the rich, golden crème on the surface of your espresso.

Coffee storage warehouse stacked to the rafters, full of yummy coffees from many different origins

The long journey of a coffee bean

Ever stopped to think how far the coffee in your cup has come?

Really far is the short answer. Coffee is cultivated in the sub tropics of Africa, south-east Asia, Central and South America. Here the coffee cherries are harvested, picked and dried before being packed into the distinctive 60 kg jute bags or larger plastic sacks. They are then purchased by wholesale buyers and coffee traders who ship them around the world by air or sea to large storage warehouses. There conditions need to be just right so the beans are protected from humidity or extreme temperatures, until they are bought by local roasters like ourselves.

Roast to order

We then roast the beans using traditional drum roasters programmed with roast profiles specific to each individual batch. This allows us to explore the optimum roast level for each origin and ensures that we can consistently get the same profile each time. Roasting transforms the raw, green, flavourless beans into dark, flavourful capsules with all the flavourful oils sealed inside.

Coffee beans begin to lose their freshness almost immediately after roasting, which is why we only roast to order and don’t store any pre-roasted coffee. Freshly roasted is the only way to truly experience the subtle nuances of flavour and aroma of a quality coffee. And if you are wondering how to tell if your cup is brewed from fresh roasted beans, look for the distinctive crème on the surface. This is a sure sign the coffee had all the precious flavour-filled oils when it was brewed.

Grind and brew

If you are buying coffee always look for freshly roasted beans and grind your coffee freshly just before brewing. As soon as the delicate coffee oils are exposed to moisture or contaminants you begin to compromise the quality of your brew.

We have been buying and roasting coffee for two decades have a reputation as one of Sydney’s finest specialty coffee roasters. From our headquarters in Hornsby we now service hundreds of café clients, wholesale customers and fulfill online orders from coffee lovers across the country.