Road Test – Dalla Corte DC Pro

The all new Dalla Corte DC Pro has recently been road-tested by Cafe Culture Magazine (Issue 23).

It features the patented “multi-boiler” technology (Direct Temperature Control System) which allows the settings of each brewing unit to be programmed and run independently from one another, with a temperature accuracy to 1/10 degree. The judges reported the machine to be: aesthetically very appealing – a standout centrepiece for any cafe; good ergonomics with sloping handles to ease repetitive injury syndrome; easy cleaning and excellent precision on the controls; super stable temp control giving excellent extraction results;excellent steam wand with high steam pressure making it very easy to produce beautiful milk texture – ” nothing else like it on the market”. The Dalla Corte is also dubbed the “Green Machine” because of its energy consumption and the DC pro can be run at 30% power overnight reducing power consumption even further. Overall a very impressive machine. Witham’s Coffee is a supplier of the full range of Dalla Corte machines. Price for 2group DC Pro is $14,000 + GST. Finance available.