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Colombian Supremo ‘Popayan’ grows in the acclaimed Cauca (market name Popayan) region. The coffee producing areas of the Cauca are lush with rainfall, cloud cover and soil conditions, ideal for coffee cultivation. Dense clouds form from the Pacific and release heavy rainfall over the Cauca valley that averages 80 inches yearly. A cool mountainous climate prolongs the development of the Popayan’s coffee cherry which deepens the berry flavour absorbed by its seed, or coffee bean. This flavour is accentuated during the fermentation stage when the defruited bean is processed.

Third behind Brazil and Vietnam in coffee production, Colombian coffee owns the world’s most familiar coffee origin due to the enormously successful promotional campaign the country mounted years ago. Coffee grows throughout Colombia at altitudes ranging from 4000 to over 6000 feet.

Colombia harvests the world’s largest quantity of specialty grade coffees which are typically high-grown, hand-sorted and wet processed. It is the only South American coffee producer with both Atlantic and Pacific ports affording the country a distinct shopping advantage. Coffee is so central to its economy that cars seeking to enter the country must first be sprayed for harmful bacteria.

This specialty grade Colombian is classified Supremo for its large bean size. A medium bodied coffee with fruity undertones, it has good acidity and a well balanced cup. It is a delicious rich coffee with character and hearty aroma. This coffee is a shining example of the brilliant coffee Colombia has to offer.

The drip method or a syphon pot will display the Popayan’s flavour and acidity best.

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