Backflush Your Espresso Machine: How Often Should You Backflush Your Espresso Machine?

Coffee machine and cup of coffee

Calling all coffee connoisseurs! Whether you’re a rock star barista in your local coffee shop or a die-hard coffee fan with all the fancy equipment, you need to know the ins and outs of your espresso machine. One of the most important aspects to owning or operating an espresso machine is keeping it clean by backflushing it. Flushing out all the built up grinds and leftover oils from the machine will keep your brew tasting fresh and amazing, just the way you like it.

What is Backflushing?

Backflushing is a specific cleaning term used on professional standard and home espresso machines. The process involves forcing water and cleaner through the systems of the machine. The pressure valve removes any build ups that could later cause problems or bad taste, and keeps the machine in pristine condition. Repeat the flushing 5 times or until the water comes out clear.

How Often Should You Backflush?

Every day! That’s right, you should be adding this into your daily cleaning regimen for best results.
Home machines typically only need backflushed once per week with plain water, but it won’t harm your machine performing it more often or with cleaners.
Commercial machines should be backflushed at the end of every busy business day with a sufficient cleaner. If business was slow that day, plain water may be sufficient to flush with.
There are special backflushing cleaning chemicals made specifically for your espresso machine. After every 200 shots of coffee, a more thorough machine cleaning should be done using espresso machine cleaning tablets or powder.
Always remember to rinse the group head thoroughly with clean water after you use any kind of chemical cleaner. Backflushing will ensure your espresso machine is always ready for the next round of espresso!

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