5 Reasons why buying coffee from a roaster will improve your coffee experience

Probat Drum Roaster

Most of us have had a bad coffee experience.

The sharp, harsh taste of stale coffee is unmistakable and can ruin your day. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Buy your coffee beans directly from an experienced roaster (like us) and you get the technical knowledge and experience that ensures a rich, golden crème on the surface of every cup.

With that in mind here are 5 reasons why buying coffee from a roaster will improve your coffee experience, and maybe even your life 🙂

1. Your coffee is fresh

Where do you buy your coffee from? If it is the supermarket there is no guarantee you are getting fresh coffee. Coffee beans begin to lose their flavour pretty quickly after roasting, and grinding only accelerates the process. So if you are buying a bag of off the shelf coffee you have no idea when it was roasted or ground. Buying from a coffee roaster ensures you only get the freshest beans straight from the warehouse. We only roast to order.

2. Sourcing

Only a coffee roaster with the right industry contacts is going to know when the finest single origins are coming onto the market. It starts with buyers from specialty green bean importers travelling the globe sourcing the best green coffee beans the world has to offer, giving you access to the finest premium origin and estate Arabica coffees.

3. Roasting

Coffee roasting is a science and an art which takes many years of experimentation and experience to master. It is not something you can learn in a weekend. We roast all our beans using traditional drum roasters, including a 60kg Toper that allows us to program consistent roast profiles for each individual batch. We only roast to order, so you always receive the freshest coffee available. Freshly roasted is the only way to truly experience the subtle nuances of the quality coffees we source.

4. Experience

An experienced coffee roaster is not only going to know their trade, but they also have a passion for coffee. In our case it is a lifetime connection with coffee that goes all the way back to Zimbabwe’s Eastern highlands, where co-founder Lance Witham grew up on a coffee farm. His dad later ran a coffee mill, traded coffee and established his own coffee trading company when they moved to Australia. All that makes a difference to the type of service and coffees you get access to.

5. Buy coffee beans online

Thanks to the internet you can now access the knowledge and expertise of coffee roasters from wherever you are. That allows you to browse and buy coffee beans online, and have them delivered at your convenience. Choose your beans by region, maybe an Ethiopian Limu or a Guatemalan Antigua; or by profile – do you like your coffee floral, citrus or sweet?

We have been buying and roasting coffee for two decades have a reputation as one of Sydney’s finest specialty coffee roasters. We now service hundreds of café clients, wholesale customers and fulfill online orders from coffee lovers across the country.