Swissgold KF300 Permanent One-Cup Coffee Filter

Serious coffee connoisseurs understand the need for the highest quality permanent coffee filter system available. SwissGold”s 24 karat gold-plated scientifically engineered foil filter lets you taste the coffee and nothing else. The precisely defined foil hole openings hold back unwanted residues, while allowing the desirable flavours to pass through for that perfect tasting cup of coffee. This filter will not alter the taste of your favourite coffee or absorb unwanted flavours. Easy to clean (dishwasher safe), and environmentally friendly by lasting for years, the SwissGold permanent coffee filter replaces disposable paper coffee filters while eliminating waste.

KF 300 SwissGold 24 karat gold-plated one cup permanent coffee filter can be used at home, office or just about anywhere. Designed to placed directly into a mug for coffee brewing. Simple to use just add your favorite coffee and add hot water.

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