Quamar Q50 Push

$745.00 $725.00


The Quamar Q50 is the ultimate grinder for the true coffee enthusiast. A really good grinder is as important as a good coffee machine if you are serious about producing great coffee at home.

The Quamar Q50 carries the same parts as the commercial Quamar range, and many cafes use this grinder for their decaf or secondary single-origin.

The Q50 is a grind-on-demand grinder and features either a programmable touch pad for a pre-selected dose, or a push option. It has 54mm stainless steel grinder blades and can manage volumes of up to 1.5kg a day.

Available in 8 design colours including black graphite, matte black, shiny black, shiny red, polished aluminium, metallic silver, shiny white or shiny orange.

Weight: 9kg

Dimensions: 155mm (w) x 220mm (d) x 460mm (h)

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Graphite Black, Shiny Grey