Indian Elkhill Estate Peaberry


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Fine acidity, intense citrus sweetness with a deep raisin aftertaste.

  • Elkhill Estate is located in the Coorg hills, 100 miles south of Mysore, and has been established for well over 100 years, since coffee was first planted there in 1854.
  • Peaberries are a natural anomaly, when just one little oval bean develops within the coffee cherry, rather than the normal two. They are hand sorted to be sold as a much smaller and very rare production.
  • It is believed that Peaberries tend to be more concentrated in flavour.
  • We use these Peaberries when making our delicious chocolate coated coffee beans!
  • UTZ Certified – guaranteeing the coffee production adheres to strict environmental, social, and economic criteria.
  • UTZ Certified ensures Elkhill gets credit also for providing their workers with fair wages and professional growing advice. Elkhill is a model farm, employing over 500 salaried workers who live on site and are entitled to housing and health care.
  • Coffee is shade-grown beneath countless varieties of native trees including Giant Teak, Indian Rosewood and Cluster Figs.
  • All manner of wildlife co-habit the estate, flourishing in the forest environment alongside the coffee, including a herd of native elephants that is often seen wandering the grounds.
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Aeropress, Whole Bean, Domestic Espresso, Plunger, Drip Filter, Stove-top Espresso, Turkish


250g, 500g, 1kg

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