Joe Frex® – Concept Art™ – Latte Art Pen


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Take your latte art game to another level with the Barista Latte Art Pen by Concept-Art. This double-sided tool enables you to go beyond the limits of traditional art to create unique and fun designs for your friends and customers.

Want to make a cat with whiskers, a perfectly accurate lotus flower, or the face of your favourite television character in your latte art? With this pen, you can.

The pen features the primary two tools every blossoming latte artist needs (other than a milk jug, of course): a spike and a spoon. These allow you to shape and manipulate the microfoam with precision in a way that’s impossible without these tools, opening up an infinite range of art possibilities.

This Barista Latte Art Pen is made with solid polished aluminium, so you can count on it lasting for years.


  • Create A Milk Masterpiece – Customize your latte art in ways possible only with a specialized pen to create unique and fun designs.
  • Spike + Spoon – Includes the two primary tools needed to expand the boundaries of your latte art.
  • Virtually Unbreakable – Made with solid aluminium, this pen’s not going anywhere.


  • Materials: Polished Aluminium