Capsul’in® – Refillable Coffee Pods (100PK)


Product Information


Refillable capsules for Nespresso.
Each capsule will fit 5grams coffee (500g per pack 100 capsules)

Looking for freshly roasted coffee for your Nespresso machine?

  • You want to buy your coffee from your local coffee roaster
  • You want a fair and reasonable price for your coffee capsule
  • You want freshly roasted and freshly ground coffee in your capsule
  • You want access to fair trade and organic coffee…

These are all the gaps that Capsul’in® is filling!
Capsul’in will change the way you discover and buy coffee for your Nespresso® machine!

One of the major issues with coffee in capsules relate to the fact that artisan and local coffee roasters/coffee retailers are on the sideline. Only a few large industrial companies have the financial resource to develop, manufacture, promote and sell machines and capsules.
We end up in an oligopoly where the few sellers « impose » their taste, price and distribution network.

Capsul’in® want to support the 1000’s of local coffee roasters that put their heart and soul into their products and give them the opportunity to offer you their unique blends.

Buying coffee from local coffee stores is first and foremost a huge favour that we are doing to ourselves: freedom and quality. Just 10 seconds, and you’re ready!