Organic Colombian Coffee Beans: Why Excelso Reigns Supreme

Roasted coffee beans

For many, finding the perfect coffee beans is an elusive task. After all, there are an incredible amount of choices in the marketplace, and how do you really know when you have found the right coffee? The one that has that perfect, silky smooth taste and that richness of smell?
The honest answer? A lot of trial and experimentation, and a good amount of research. There are many different factors that go into coffee: the region, elevation, growth patterns among others. Luckily, we have done the research and found one of the best blends out there: Excelso.

Why Excelso?

These organic Colombian coffee beans combine the factors we mentioned above to create a perfect blend. Grown at elevations of 1000m – 2000m above sea level, these beans thrive in the shade beneath a tropical forest canopy.

They are grown under the banner of the Sustainable Agricultural Network, making them ethical as well. The process for doing so is extensive to ensure that the total process remains organic, from composting to soil preservation.

It often takes two years to be certified as true organic, since there is an independent auditing process involved as well, and Excelso has taken that initiative to be certified. This is true organic coffee – no pesticides or synthetic chemicals, and it is easy to surmise this from the superior quality of the beans itself.
Its body is best described as light-medium, not too strong to overpower the taste buds but it still provides that necessary jolt that only good coffee can provide. Extremely aromatic, there are notes of delicate fruit flavors as well.

For the perfect cup, it is recommended that Excelso coffee beans should be roasted medium, or medium-high to retain its characteristics. The tasting notes are described and pure and clean, but with a silky feel. There is also a very distinctive caramel sweetness that adds another layer to the taste. Since it is a medium strength coffee, it is best to brew it strongly.

Excelso coffee beans are truly organic, with wonderful tasting notes – making it a perfect blend for enjoyment. To learn more about Excelso coffee and what makes it such a great choice, please contact us.