New monster 60 kilo roaster

Monster 60 kilo roaster

There is much excitement at Witham’s Coffee with the arrival of its Monster 60 kilo Roaster, lovingly named Chloe. She arrived all the way from Turkey. Chloe will proudly stand beside Angelina, the faithful 12 kilo Probat Roaster, which has served the Witham family for twelve years. “We will maintain the smaller Roaster so we can continue to carry a vast range of single origin coffees, and roast small batches to order,” Lance explains.

With an impressive period of growth over the last two years, the acquisition of the new roaster is an essential part of Witham’s plans for the future. “Having the infrastructure in place to support further growth is imperative to ensure we can continue to provide the high level of product-quality and customer service that we constantly strive to achieve, and that our customers now expect from us!” explains Lance Witham.

Expanding mainly through word-of-mouth has meant Witham’s has built a solid, well-organised business, and in the process, has developed an extremely loyal, satisfied customer-base.

Apart from enabling Witham’s to supply new Café and Restaurant customers, it will also be servicing the growing “Contract Roasting” market. It will have the capability to roast for clients who want to put their own freshly roasted coffee product into the Marketplace, but who do not have the facilities to do so. Witham’s is also HACCP accredited, making it a Roaster of choice for prospective clients.

Witham’s Coffee has proved itself to be a company dedicated to producing the highest quality coffee. Its quality assurance process begins with only purchasing the highest grade of 100% Arabica coffee beans from each of the fifteen origins that it carries. Coffee is only then roasted once an order has been placed – no roasted coffee is stored in the Warehouse, guaranteeing customers only receive the freshest possible product.

Along with its vast range of freshly-roasted, single-origin beans and blends, Witham’s can provide all the coffee equipment a Café, Restaurant or Office may require. Witham’s can arrange lease and finance packages for equipment. For further information please contact Witham’s Coffee and Tea on 9482 1122 or [email protected].