How green is your takeaway coffee cup?

Coffee machine and coffee cups

Ever wondered what happens to your takeaway coffee cup after you are done with it?

The humble takeaway cup has been getting a lot of press recently, and for a good reason. Us Aussies use somewhere in the region of 1 billion disposable coffee cups (equal to 12,000 tonnes) every year. We all know that we love our coffee, but that is a lot of cups – especially as the majority of them end up in landfill where they become a major pollution hazard.

The main problem with many of these types of cups is the lining used, which is typically made from a non-biodegradable plastic. This is why we chose to use BioCups in our cafe, which are a 100% biodegradable and recyclable brand that offers a more sustainable solution to this dilemma.

Why we chose BioCup

We like to make a difference wherever we can, so our branded takeaway cups and lids are manufactured by BioCup using a PLA renewable plant-based bioplastic lining. Together with the soy and water based inks they use this makes them:

  • Recyclable, by many local councils
  • Commercially compostable
  • Emit 75% less CO2 emissions than conventional plastic

The paper that goes into their production is also a sustainably sourced paper board from managed plantations.

How to enjoy your coffee with a clear conscience

If you want to enjoy your coffee and make a difference there are some steps you can take, such as:

  • Where possible recycle your takeaway coffee cup
  • Bring along your own reusable coffee cup or mug for a takeaway
  • Drink your coffee in the cafe
  • Research what cups your local cafe uses, and ask them to make the change if they aren’t currently sustainable

Witham’s and Sustainability

We are committed to stock Fairtrade, Rainforest Alliance and organic coffees that offer better prices, better working conditions, and fair terms of trade for farmers and coffee producers around the developing world. We also recycle our coffee sacks, which are made into dog beds, wall hangings, upholstery and carry bags – reducing landfill and our impact on the environment.

We also have been buying and roasting coffee for two decades have a reputation as one of Sydney’s finest specialty coffee roasters. We now service hundreds of café clients, wholesale customers and fulfill online orders from coffee lovers across the country.