Green Coffee is coffee that is as yet, unroasted.

Green coffee is coffee that is as yet, unroasted. The ripe cherries from the coffee tree are picked and then processed using either the wet or dry method and then milled. Inside the cherry are two coffee beans. The beans are not roasted at that stage because that process is usually left to the local coffee roaster or end consumer. The coffee beans stay fresher much longer in an unroasted state and, therefore, this is the way that coffee is traded and transported across the globe. Once coffee has been roasted, the coffee will begin to stale very quickly. The roasting process releases the precious coffee oils from the bean, which is what gives coffee its flavour and aroma.

Those coffee connoisseurs who are interested in having the freshest coffee possible may be inclined to choose green coffee. Once a consumer receives green coffee, they must then choose a way to roast the beans in order to make it suitable for creating the beverage. However, if you are lucky enough to have a coffee roaster close by that roasts regularly it is perhaps better to purchase coffee from the professionals in small quantities.

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