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When it comes to the perfect brew, quality begins with the coffee beans. Witham’s Coffee knows the foundation of a perfect cup of coffee lies in the beans themselves. That’s why we are proud to offer a diverse range of coffee beans in St Ives and beyond, sourced from the finest coffee-growing regions worldwide.

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Collection of Coffee Beans That St Ives Coffee Lovers Can Choose From

  • Single Origin Beans: Immerse yourself in the unparalleled taste derived from specific regions around the globe. Each single-origin bean retains the unique characteristics of its homeland, offering a journey through the rich and diverse landscapes of coffee cultivation.
  • Coffee Bean Blends: Our masterfully-crafted blends are a symphony of flavours, combining coffee beans from different locales to create a harmonious and balanced taste profile.
  • Decaffeinated Coffee: For those who crave the taste of coffee without the caffeine, our decaffeinated coffee beans offer our St ives customers the same richness and flavour without the stimulating effects. Savour all the goodness of coffee anytime.
  • Fair Trade, Rainforest Alliance, and Organic Coffee Beans: We are committed to ethical sourcing, environmental consciousness, and purity of essence. Our selection of fair trade, Rainforest Alliance, and organic coffee beans ensures you can enjoy your coffee with a clear conscience, knowing it’s been sourced responsibly.
  • Green Coffee Beans: Dive into the world of raw coffee with our green coffee beans. Ideal for home roasters and those who love experimenting, these beans offer a canvas to create your own unique blends and flavours.

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Have A Business In St Ives? Become A Wholesale Partner

If you’re in the coffee business, Witham’s Coffee is your ideal partner for growth. As a wholesale coffee supplier, we bring over two decades of industry experience to provide you with the finest, freshest Arabica coffee beans available. Whether you’re starting a coffee venture, running a small neighbourhood cafe, or managing a high-volume account in St Ives, we treat every partner with the same dedication.

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Our Service & Training

Our commitment extends beyond supplying coffee beans. We pride ourselves on offering regular café visits, equipment troubleshooting, and barista training. Upon partnering with us, your staff receives complimentary barista training. We also offer around 75% discount on additional barista training courses in our fully-equipped training room for wholesale clients. We are dedicated to ensuring your coffee business’ success with professionalism and excellence.

Our Process of Ensuring Quality Coffee Beans

At Witham’s Coffee, quality control is paramount. Our coffee beans go through a meticulous process:

  • Roasting: We roast them perfectly, ensuring they reach their full potential flavour.
  • Hand Sorting: Each batch is hand-sorted to maintain impeccable quality.
  • Packaging: Our beans are airtight-sealed to preserve their freshness.
  • Delivery: We deliver the finest coffee beans to your doorstep.

Ready to Elevate Your Coffee Experience?

Whether you seek premium coffee beans, wish to explore wholesale partners, or aspire to join our Connoisseur Club near St Ives, Witham’s Coffee is here for you. Contact us today at (02) 9482 1122 or email us at [email protected] to embark on a journey of exceptional coffee together.