Hottop B Home Coffee Roaster (KN-8828P-2)

Product Information


The Hottop KN-8828P-2 is the flagship programmable coffee roaster from Hottop. The P controller allows you to program a roast before it starts by setting the desired time, temperature and fan speed for each of its 8 roasting segments. Once you start the roast, the electronics takes over and intelligently adjusts the heater power to reach and maintain the temperature you requested. This allows you to program the temperature profile you want upfront and allow the controller to turn the heater on and off as required to roughly follow that profile.

The Hottop P doesn’t provide the same granularity of heater control as the Hottop B. The P controller simply turns the heater full on or full off whereas the Hottop B allows variable power levels. However the extra programmability it offers over the B means it’s the ideal solution if you want to program a roast and sit back and enjoy observing the process – the closest you’ll get to a ‘set-and-forget’ roasting solution!

The P controller gives you a full sized colour LCD control panel and the capacity to save, edit and rename programs in 10 memory locations! The backlight on the display changes colour depending on the mode you’re in (roasting, programming, erasing etc), and in keeping with the quality of this flagship unit, the Hottop P controller uses high-quality luxurious silicon control buttons, unlike all of the other controllers which place the buttons behind a plastic membrane.

Note that this is an official full-specification 230v/50Hz roaster, not the cheaper 110v/60Hz units designed for American power systems. 110v roasters and upgrade kits will not work properly on 230v supplies.

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