Hario Woodneck Drip Pot



This is the Hario Woodneck Drip Pot with a capacity of 240ml (1-Cup) or 480ml (3-Cup).

This professional-quality pot makes it easy to brew perfect coffee using the traditional drip method. Showcasing the distinctive flavours and aromas of your favourite coffee beans, it brews with drop-by-drop precision to ensure a rich, full-bodied cup of coffee.

  • Hario’s classic drip coffee pot provides a foolproof way to brew rich, aromatic coffee.
  • Attractive pot is made of durable heat-treated glass.
  • Removable wooden collar stays cool to the touch for safe, easy pouring.
  • Reusable flannel filter guarantees full extraction of coffee’s pure flavor and aroma.
  • Make 240ml/480ml of coffee.
  • Made in Japan.

The cloth has certain advantages over paper – it allows through some of the oils in coffee, but completely stops any grounds coming through. This means you can get a cup with incredible clarity, mouthfeel and complexity. It is important to look after the cloths properly. You should thoroughly rinse before use and rinse and clean immediately afterwards. It is important not to let the cloths dry out. If this happens the cloth will develop an unpleasant taste, and will need to be replaced. Ideally keep the cloth submerged in water when not in use. Replacement cloths are available if required

Download user manual: DRIP POT WOODNECK(DPW-1).pdf


1 Cup, 3 Cup