Frieling Coffee-For-One


The identical sized Frieling Coffee-For-One, by Frieling, USA. (Replaces the KF300 Swiss Gold One-Cup Filter which is no longer in production.)

The Frieling Coffee for One is a permanent, reusable, energy efficient and recyclable alternative for home or office use.

The Metal Filter

The metal filter is made using digital laser electroforming technology. This is the same technology used in the manufacture of electronic computer circuitry. It is plated in 23 carat gold which is chemically neutral and thus allows the pure taste of fresh coffee to come through.

The Filter Body

The filter body is made of high quality polypropylene grade 5. The material is food proof, has the compliance for food contact applications and is BPA free. The filter body is fully recyclable and can be re-used for new plastic or polypropylene products.

The Packaging

The transparent box packaging is made of PET-plastic material and contains up to 30 % recycled granules. The transparent PET-box is fully recyclable and the recycled PET granules can be re-used for new plastic products or PET packaging materials.

Easy to use: Simply set the filter on top of a cup or mug and add medium ground coffee. Pour hot water into the regulator, cover with the lid and the brewing is finished when the regulator is empty. Reverse the lid and use it as a drip catcher underneath the filter.