D.I.Y. Latte Art By Scottie Callaghan {DVD}


Learn from the 2006 World Latte Art Champion.

Product Information


Scottie Callaghan, World Latte Art Championship winner 2006, has produced his first instructional DVD – “DIY Latte Art”. The DVD is designed to help any beginner, novice, home enthusiast or ‘barista in the making’ master latte art. In the 42 minute DVD, Scottie has broken down all the learning outcomes that are required. He has succeeded in making the DVD comprehensive, relaxed and informative.

Since winning the World Latte Art Championship in 2006, Scottie has been asked to teach latte art many times. Over the years Scottie has learnt that when teaching this skill, you need to break down each step into individual learning outcomes. In this DVD he has broken down the learning outcomes into various categories: Milk texturing, integration, “slow fast slow fast slow”, etching, free pouring, the heart, the rosetta, double heart, the tulip, and chocolate powder.

“Latte art is an important part of presentation when serving espresso based coffees.  It communicates to the customer that you care about every detail. I hope you enjoy and learn more barista skills through this DVD!”