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Buy Nicaraguan Maragogype Coffee Online

Thursday, March 08, 2012

Nicaraguan Maragogype (also spelt maragogipe, marogajipe, marogojype, or marogagype). This coffee comes from the region around Matagalpa in central Nicaraguan.

Maragogype is a mutant variety from the Bourbon coffee plant, which was first found in Brazil. This plant has huge leaves, large cherries and huge long shaped beans with a double cut centre. It is also known as the “Elephant Bean” due to its large size. The bean size does not impact the cup quality, but the argument for Maragogype is that the tree produces fewer cherries and flavour is more concentrated.

The yield from the true Maragogype is very low, about 5-10 bags per hectare. Due to this, farmers are subsidising their crop with higher yielding varieties of coffee trees.

Tasting Notes:

In the cup it is beautifully smooth with a full, clean flavour; medium body and a well balanced acidity. The coffee finishes with a soothing hint of caramel praline and honeyed sweetness. Well suited to plunger and drip filter.

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