The vacuum pot or syphon method of coffee brewing has enjoyed a resurgence of popularity in recent times. Invented some 160 years ago in France and Germany, the syphon coffee maker has been in and out of favour over the last century, and has not been readily used for the last 30 years. Many specialty coffee industry leaders consider it the best way to make coffee. The ceremony of making a syphon pot of coffee is truly a sensory experience. It is not the method of choice for getting a quick caffeine fix, but is a superb dinner party alternative to a plunger pot. The syphon method really shines when using fine single origin coffees. The unique nuances of flavour and character of the single origin coffee can really come through when brewed correctly using the syphon method. Coffees from Central America, including Nicaragua Maragogype and Guatemala, and African coffees such as Kenya AA Grade and Ethiopian Limu would be fabulous! Read More